Mediation… Being Centered… Getting Present

Mediation… Being Centered… Getting Present

I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about it. Personally, I’ve heard that the act of sitting still and focusing on a particular sound or affirmation is satanic, and I chuckled. I chuckled because not only are people always loudest about things they know nothing about but… I’m actually of the opinion that prayer and meditation go hand in hand.

Meditation has become a part of my wellness routine, a tool I use whenever I’m feeling anxious and/or overwhelmed.
When life gets hectic, it reminds me that I am still in control. It reaffirms that this life is mine, that I have a say in how I spend my time. It gets me present, it provides clarity and it proves to me that peace can be found in any moment.

And isn’t that what we all want? Peace?
Peace within and amongst our fellow men?
Isn’t ease and flow one of our grand desires of femininity? I think so…
In fact, I know so.

As we each trod further along our individual journeys of womanhood and personal development, I know how important it is to hold the bow and stern steady.
And I wish a life of peace, stability, clarity and calm ffor us all.

So if you’re going through a turbulent time. . . If the words are failing you and you can’t really begin to pray.
Might I suggest getting still and saying nothing at all.
For just 5 minutes, simply acknowledging where you are and the luxury it is to be able to breathe in and out right now.

And if it works, if you feel even a little calmer… do remember to repeat and tap in, the next time navigating your internal seas gets a little tough.

Below are some tools and resources that have helped me along my journey.

Ashaka King aka Miss Pieces&Things💋
Your fashionable best friend
Wishing you love and light
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